Rant # 1

I’m so tired of hearing women or maybe other people… saying this things about guys, or battling with them by degrading what they can do and what they can not. We, people have different abilities, whether it is about our scientific ability to bleed for a week without dying or be pregnant for nine months, if men have the same body as the women has, then what?

We have our weaknesses and strengths, and if you compare yourself by their weakness or the things that is very impossible for them to do, then you’re being a real idiot (sorry for the word)
I get that you want them to realize you are having troubles and they have to understand, then make them understand without saying things like this that you are like saying “we can do this and you can’t, because why it is impossible for you to do it.” People.

Just say that “I’m having a hard time please understand,” or don’t talk to them because it’s causing you pain in your ass.

Rant # 1

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