Equality? How do people define this word? Is it the same treatment for all the people?

We love the concept of equality, the concept of equal rights for everyone, but I think we have different meaning for it. Some thinks that it is the same treatment for everyone, but for me, it is more than that.

Equality means having more tolerance in things, people and situations (of course except if it is a crime)

The phrase, “Where your right ends, my right begins and where my right ends your right begins.” sums up my idea of equality.
We have our own rights, we should be more tolerant about other people. If they like to be this way, then let them be, they are none of your business. If they are your friends, you can show that you care by telling them that what they are doing is ‘maybe’ wrong, but that is your limitation, if they want to do it still, let them. You show that you care and that’s all that you can do.

People knows what is wrong and what is right, even the concept of the ‘good and evil’ is different for all the people. We need to stop jumping conclusions about the way people are, if we do that then equality will never be achieved, and I think of how sensitive, intrusive and judge mental people are, equality is far from our hands.